Pioneer - AC/DC 200A TIG Welding Machine - 200 Amp TIG Welder H/F

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The Pioneer 200 Amp AC/DC TIG welding machine provides the latest in TIG welder technology including IGBT and Pulse function. It's features include high frequency for easy arc, arc-force for maintaining arc current for superior welds, hot-start and anti-sticking. This single phase 200 Amp 220 volt AC/DC TIG welding machine is also portable making it suitable for light to heavy industrial applications where efficient productivity is required. A 60% duty cycle at 200 Amps makes it the most effective, value for money, premium quality TIG welder for all your TIG applications. It comes complete with a 5 metre WP-26 Tig torch, a foot pedal, flowmeter, earth clamp and cable as well as air hose for a plug and play solution.  


- Professional IGBT inverter AC/DC TIG pulse machine

- Lift ARC TIG

- ARC Force and Anti-Sticking

- Hot Start

- Digital display

- Stepless setting

- Pulse Frequency adjustment

- Pulse Width adjustment

- Pulse Current Adjustment


- Power Supply - 1ph - 220V 50/60Hz

- Input Current - 34 Amps

- Ouput Current - 5-170 Amps (MMA); 5-200 Amps (DCTIG); 10-200 Amps (ACTIG - HF); 30-200 Amps (ACTIG - Lift) 

- OCV - 68 Volts

- Rated Duty Cycle - 60% 

What's in the Box: 

1 x Pioneer AC/DC 200A Tig Welder

1 x Flow meter

1 x Foot Pedal

1 x 5 Metre WP-26 Tig Torch

1 x Earth Clamp with 3 Metre Cable and Dinse Plug

1 x Air Hose with Clamps