Pioneer Plasma Cutter 100 Amp

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The Pioneer Plasma Cut 100 Amp plasma cutter is designed for tough heavy duty plasma cutting applications with a max cutting thickness of 30mm and quality cutting thickness of 20mm. It's fitted with all the necessary unique features including the latest IGBT technology and a step less current setting. A digital display and thermal protection ensure optimal efficiency during hard working applications. It comes complete with a heavy duty 5 metre P80 plasma cutting torch. 
- Professional IGBT Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine 
- Max Cutting Thickness 30mm
- Quality Cutting Thickness 20mm
- Step Less Current Setting
- Digital Display
- Thermal Protection


5 Metre P80 Plasma Torch


Power Supply (V/Hz) 3 Phase 380V 50Hz
Input Current (Amps) 23A
Output Current (Amps) 20A - 100A
OCV (Volts) 284V
Rated Output (% @ Amps) 60% @ 100A
Cutting Performance Max Cutting 30mm ; Quality Cutting 20mm