Parker Suregrip™ WP26V TIG Torch

R 2,498.00
SKU 12-WP26VP-8

Parker Suregrip WP17V Tig Torch is a premium quality Tig torch with valve, it comes in 4 metre and 8 metre lengths

- Built to the highest product specification, utilizing the finest materials.

- High end product features, handle ergonomics and cable flexibility provide a superior experience

- Takes normal WP17/18/26 spares

- Dinse plug can be changed to suit your welder

- 4 metre - 2 Piece (Gas hose and dinse plug cable are separate)

- 8 metre - 1 Piece (Gas hose and dinse plug cable are joined, as per product picture)

- Rating: 180A DC & 125A AC @ 35% duty cycle

Parker - Suregrip Data Sheet