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Order & Delivery

Excellent service received, thank you.

Flux core

Works well once you sorted out the settings.

Fast delivery

Such fast delivery. Thank you.

Happy customer

Good were fairly priced and delivery effected within promised timeframe.

Flint Renewals (Pack of 10)?

Never received this item.

I’m really sorry about that. We will send the item through to you.

Pinnacle 165 great offer, but !!

The service from TSA welding was excellent! The problem is the lack of a owner/operator manual for the 165. Especially for a newby welder. This is a Pinnacle problem.Learning to use this machine on information from TSA and guesswork detracts from the enthusiasm.

Happy customer.

Got exactly what I wanted at a fair price and was delivered timeously.

Shoddy info

Ordered mine Migarc195 recently. Great machine. I see everybody complain about the crappy info page with regard to settings. Maybe some cam recommend a few general settings on this platform. Will be of immense help for us new kids in the MIG block.

Cable Lugs (Packs of 10)

Mig welder

Very fast delivery of order. Only thing is the manual suck! I am a first time mig user and need info on settings and feeding the wire. Came across similar machines setup on youtube. It helped a lot. Good machine at a nice price!

Very happy with the service from TSA Welding. The included documentation really sucks, not usable at all!. Got some extra info from TSA which helps. Still getting to grips with the welder, so far so good!

Welding Cable

Chrome leather welding jacket.

Alot of white dust that's coming off the jacket. I'm really unhappy because the dust gets on my clothing, hands and face.

Material of consumables is poor

Consumables buen out too quickly.
Is there maybe stronger elecktodes and nossles

Thank you for your feedback. As far as I know there are only standard consumables for this torch. We will look into it.

Pinnacle MIGARC 195 MIG-ARC Welding Inverter

Great Mig flux core welder. Not only welds thick metal but I've also welded this car body panels. Easy set up and go.


It's the first time I have ever done mig welding and the spool I bought was very easy to work with. Sooo much easier than stick welding. Love it

Welds great.

Nice rods, welds without issues.


As always, excellent and quick service from TSA. 👍🏻

Pinnacle Gene SP 22 Welder – 200 Amp ARC Welding Machine

P80 Plasma Torch (5M)

Flux Core MIG Welding Wire – E71T-11 0.9mm 5Kg – Gasless Wire

The Flux wire is great to use it works well and is hard enough to pass through the roller feeder wheel without distorting. That is if you have set the wire pressure correctly. I am using the standard 1.0 mm drive wheel with 0.9 mm wire and it has not given trouble yet. I see that there is a knurled drive wheel available for flux core wire. At the time of writing this review the knurled wheel was not locally available.

Pinnacle MIGARC 195

I have never Mig welded before, but I can stick weld. The machine is easy to use, as the wire speed is controlled by the current / voltage. Great for a hobbyist. I'm learning as I go along. User manual sucks.. TSA supplied me with some relevant info when I reached out to them. It's a good product at a reasonable price.

Mig arc 165

Does the job for light welding - very satisfying result.

Apron Chrome Leather 1 Piece