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Flux Core MIG Welding Wire – E71T-11 0.9mm 5Kg – Gasless Wire

it welds but its not a good weld at all, lots of spatter and struggle to remove slag

Striking and maintaining arc is more difficult than general welding rods

Pinnacle MIGARC 165 Gasless Combo

Regulator Gauge Set - Acetylene
Christina Karagianni

Regulator Gauge Set - Acetylene

Gene SP 22 welder

Buying from you is a pleasure, delivery is fast

Fantastic welder

Besides the manual, its a brilliant machine - worth every penny.
Stick welding , easy and good , after playing with settings - gasless mig welding - brilliant !
I can say nothing bad about this welder , good buy and will definitely recommend this.
For the service from TSA - welding , πŸ’― !!!
Thank you and well done.

Good Service

Very happy with the fast delivery.

Very nice machine.

MIG contact tip M6 1mm

I have not used any of them yet. I am still using the original tip. All looks ok.

1kg flux cored wire

fast delivery Great services and the cable is excellent

The Mig welder looks great, haven't used it yet, its my second purchase from TSA and I'm impressed with their products and service . Delivery time was with in 24hours.

Portapack Oxygen Regulator

I was very impressed with what I received. Everything fitted perfectly. Great price. Thank you.

Portapack Regulator Oxygen
Christina Karagianni

Portapack Regulator Oxygen


Great produck and company to supply your needs

Bronze Brazing Rods Flux Coated (S222)

Good service

Fast delivery good service

Pinnacle MIGARC 195 MIG-ARC Welder

I am very satisfied with the welder. The manual is very poor quality and the settings isn't the same as on the machine. Seeing that the welder can weld with or without gas they should include a flux core nozzle with the machine. They also don't include a 0.9mm wire nozzle.

Pinnacle MIGARC 165 Gasless Combo

Pinnacle MIGARC 165 Gasless Combo is a very good product πŸ‘Œ I definitely recommend it

Pinnacle Gene SP 22 Welder – 200 Amp ARC Welding Machine

Very happy

Very happy with this welding combo. The welder itself is really easy to use. The brush can be better quality but other than that I'll most definitely recommend this to anyone.

1kg flux cored wire

They are working just fine fast delivery

1Kg 1.0mm Flux Core MIG Welding Wire (E71T-11) Gasless

Pinnacle MIDARC 165 Gasless Combo

I bought the combo from TSA Welding last week and was supplied with 0.9mm welding wire, and not the 1.0mm as per the information provided on the website. Unfortunately I only noticed this during the installation of the gasless wire over the weekend. When I removed the wire drive wheel to confirm the wire size it was designed for, I saw that it would work for 1.0mm flux core or 0.8mm solid welding wire. My first though was, "No problem, I'll just get a the correct drive wheel from TSA Welding this week".
After discussions with TSA Welding regarding the problem, I was informed that they don't have the 0.9mm drive wheels but will confirm if they are able to get me one and offered to exchange the 0.9mm for 1.0mm wire. Nice gesture, but it still did not solve my problem. Later it was confirmed by TSA Welding that there are no other wire drive wheel available for this welding machine, which limits your choice to only one diameter of flux core wire, 1.0mm.
The TSA Welding website clearly states that the Pinnacle MICARC 165 is suitable for 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm and 1.0mm welding wire sizes. This might be true, but I find this misleading if TSA Welding are unable to sell you the drive wheel that you will need for the different size wires.
Mark me down as disappointed. If a part as small as drive wheel is not available, I am definitely concerned if something else need to be replaced in the near future.
When you purchase a product from a supplier, you expect them to carry small spare parts in stock to cater for the welding machine capabilities they list in their website.
I would not have been so eager to make the purchase if I knew I was going be disappointed three day after I bought the combo.


Is this machine uses diesel?

Anti-Splatter Spray

This is a very good product, especially at the selling price. It works very well and the splatter from the fluxcore wire, is easily wiped off from the surface. No need to use a chipping hammer at all. Highly recommended.