ESAB Handy Plasma 45i - Digital LCD Plasma Cutter

R 46,995.00
SKU 18-0559160145

Hand-held, light and portable power source for plasma cutting with a 220V 50/60 Hz single phase power supply.

Very simple to use, with a colour LCD panel and all adjustments in just one knob.

No need to adjust the gas –the machine automatically detects the inlet and outlet pressure. An automatic system purges gas after cutting, increasing the useful life of the consumables.

- Light and portable, weighing only 13.5 kg (including torch)

- Easy to use 2.8" colour LCD panel, with all adjustments in just one knob

- Torch trigger 2T/4T function

- Torch trigger lock for greater safety

- Grate or plate cutting functions

- Comes with torch included

- Two-year guarantee for the power source and three months for the torch

Handy Plasma 45i - Brochure