ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet

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Sentinel A60 welding helmet is taking your welding to the next level with a huge panoramic view and perfect 1/1/1/1 EN optical clarity. Now you’ll have an even wider view of the weld pool without any distortion.

The reengineered auto-darkening filter (ADF) features a new ESAB OpTCS  broad-spectrum light control technology from ESAB. This delivers an enhanced True Color view with reduced eye fatigue for the most demanding days on the job. New 0.5 increment shade adjustments give you more precise control of your view.

The signature shell design of Sentinel, fully-adjustable Halo headgear, and external grind mode button complete the most comfortable, highest performance helmet ESAB has ever produced.

Upgraded optics.

Since Sentinel A60 was built with better vision in mind, you’re going to love what you see.

  • 40% larger viewing area (4.65 in. x 2.80 in.) for an expansive look at your workspace

  • Reengineered ADF delivers a perfect 1/1/1/1 EN optical clarity at every angle

  • Ultra-clear, true-color lens that reduces eye fatigue and helps identify changes and impurities in the arc

  • 3/5–13 shade range adjustable in half-value digital increments to fine-tune your view

  • Four hyper-acting arc-detection sensors for automatic light recognition in any work environment

New interface unlocked.

The control you need to improve your welding game is right at your fingertips.

  • Bright, dual-color LED display for easy viewing in low-light conditions

  • New graphical meter for sensitivity and delay settings

  • Carefully spaced push buttons that work easily with gloves

  • Up to nine programmable ADF memory settings to quickly save and access welding profiles

Ergonomics elevated.

Any job is easier to tackle with advanced functions designed with you in mind.

  • External grind mode button for easy activation

  • New shade-lock feature to override ADF and keep hood in darkest state

  • Replaceable ADF battery with solar backup

  • Internal warning lights for grind mode, low battery, and ADF shade-lock

Complete comfort achieved.

With Sentinel A60’s signature shell design, you’re the only one who won’t notice you’re wearing it.

  • Infinitely adjustable HALO™ headgear that balances weight across the shape of your head

  • Rounded, low-profile shell for better clearance in tight areas

  • Large outer protective lens offered in high-contrast clear and amber tint

Fact Sheet - Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet


 - 2 Replacement inner lenses

- 4 Replacement Outer Lenses

- Carry Bag

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