Parker Suregrip™ MB15 MIG Torch (4M)

R 879.15
SKU 11-MB15P

Parker Suregrip MB15 Mig Torch is a binzel style premium quality Mig torch with extended features making it the perfect Mig torch for light/medium duty work. 

- Air-Cooled 4 Metre Mig Welding Torch

 - Rating: 150A CO2 and 130A mixed gas @ 60% duty cycle

- Euro connection will fit most Mig machines

- Takes normal BZL/MB spares

- Wire Size: 0.6mm - 1.0mm

Soft Grip

Soft grip keeps it where it needs to be

Easy Handle Assembly

No screws, simply locks into place


Flexible joints for longer lasting cable

Hook Up

Keep your torch safely off the ground

Quality Housing and Supports

Tough wear and tear parts

In and Out -Euro Connection (fits most Mig machines)

Spring pins just keep going

Parker MIG Suregrip Spec Booklet