Pinnacle MIGARC 200 Gasless Combo

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Pinnacle MIGARC 200 Gasless MIG Combo

Package includes:

1 x Pinnacle MIGARC 200 Digital Welder 

1 x Red Heat Resistant Gloves 

1 x Flux Cored Mild Steel E71T-11 Mig Wire 0.9mm

1 x Anti-Spatter Spray

5 x Contact Tips 0.9mm

1 x Pinnacle Otosola Auto Darkening Welding with Grinding Function 


Customer Reviews

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Yusuf Pathon

Pinnacle MIGARC 200 Gasless Combo

Frustrating flaws with this machine.

The machine seems good enough for the weekend or light industrial user but there are some frustrating design flaws which are very time and material wasting. The wire spool carrier isn't strong and stable so the spool sits at a slight angle which messes with the feeding of the wire giving mixed results. Also, there is nothing stopping the wire spool from unwinding off the spool and it does unwind every time the unit is moved causing an error at the wire feeding. The Flux core wire that comes with the combo seems sub-standard quality as it breaks quite often at the feeder (the pressure at the feeder is correct) and is half the price of quality wire, just not sure if its worth the hassle.

David Norman
Migarc 200

Good quality item after placing order it arrived in 3 days awesome service

Andre Dethioux
MIGARC 200 Gasless Combo

Product arrived within 1 day as advertised. Machine was easy to set up and get going. Very happy!

Trevor Stockenstrom
Pinnacle MIGARC 200 Gasless combo

Extremely good value for money and goods arrived timeously and undamaged.Highly recommend.