Pioneer - Cut 40 Plasma Cutter - 40 Amp Plasma Cutting Machine

R 6,499.00
R 5,499.00
The Pioneer Cut 40 Plasma Cutter is the perfect compact, lightweight plasma cutter for a fast and effortless cutting experience. It's precise cutting ability makes cutting different shapes and angles a simple process with minimal slag. It's also versatile in that it can cut virtually all types of metal within it's cutting thickness range, with a lower cost compared to oxy-fuel cutting and ease of use make this plasma cutter the first choice.Ā 
- IGBT Inverter Technology
- Pilot Arc Function
- Built in Air Regulator
- Max Cutting Thickness - 10mm / quality cut 8mm
- Thermal Protection
- Lightweight and Portable
- Faster and Precise Cutting Experience
- Able to cut Copper, Titanium, Cobalt, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steel (within cutting thickness range)
- Lower Cost Compared to Oxy-Fuel
- Safe and Easy to Use
- Low Consumables Cost
- Power Supply - 1ph - 230V 50H
- Input Current - 28 Amps
- Output Current - 15 - 140 Amps
- OCV - 280 Volts
- Rated Duty Cycle - 60%
- Cutting Thickness - 10mm ; quality cut 8mm
What's in the Box:
1 x Pioneer Cut 40 PlasmaĀ 
1 x PT80 Cutting Torch with Pilot ArcĀ 
1 x Earth Clamp with 3 Metre Cable and Dinse Plug
1 x Air Regulator built into the machine