Rilon MIG 160E Digital MIG/TIG/MMA Welder

R 2,895.00
R 2,299.00

Rilon MIG160E Digital Inverter MIG/TIG/ARC Welder 

The Rilon MIG160E is the perfect machine for someone looking for a MIG welder for DIY applications. It's compact size makes it easy to store and as a gasless wire compatible machine it eliminates the need for "old-fashioned" ARC welding. It is built with all modern IGBT technology and design as well as being manufactured by Riland, you can assure that the machine is a good quality unit and perfectly capable in it's intended application. It comes with a removable MIG torch as well as an earth clamp and cable and 1 roll of gasless flux core wire.  


- Power Supply: 1 Phase 220V +- 15%

- Frequency: 50/60 Hz

- No-load Voltage: 55V

- Rated Input Current: MIG 13.8

                                    MMA 14.5

- Output Current Range: MIG 30 - 120A

                                        MMA 30 - 80A

- Output Voltage Range: MIG 15.5 - 20V

                                        MMA 21.2 - 23.2 V

- Duty Cycle: MIG 20% @ 120A

                      MMA 20% @ 80A

- Power Factor: 0.62

- Efficiency: 82%

- Wire Feeder Type: Internal

- Welding Wire Diameter: 0.8 - 1.0mm

- Insulation Grade: F

- Protection Grade: IP21

- Weight: 3.1Kg

- Dimensions: 280x156x180 mm

What's in the Box:

1 x Rilon MIG/MMA Welder 

1 x MIG Torch MB15

1 x Roll Flux Core Wire 0.8mm

1 x Earth Clamp & Cable


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Simon Mashaba
Small but mighty

Machine is small in size but does, the job 100%

Dirko Lourens
Very impressed!

Don't let the size of this little welder confuse you, it's more than capable to get the job done. Tested it for the first time on 3mm mild steel with supplied 0.8mm wire and wow! Immediate strike and constant arc, and the automatic wirefeed and voltage regulation makes welding a breeze! At a mere 3.7kg I was sceptical if it would do what my heavy 35KG MIG flux core welder would do and im by far exceeded my expectations! A 1kg wirespool would have been nice with the startup kit but for the price I guess the 0.4kg is reasonable. Highly recommended for the on the go DIY welder!