Taurus CUT40D Plasma Cutter with Built-in Compressor 40A 220V

R 14,945.00
R 12,999.00

The Taurus CUT40D is a 40A, 220v single phase air plasma cutting machine with a built-in air compressor.
It produces a stronger, more concentrated and stable electric arc. The temperature of the arc can reach a high ionization state, forming a powerful plasma arc which allows metal to be cut quickly by plasma arc. The heat affected zone is reduced as much as possible and the energy is used more effectively giving a super smooth cutting surface. It can be used for cutting various metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, cast iron and carbon steel.

The Taurus CUT40D features a fast cutting speed, narrow cutting seam, clean cut, small heat affected zone, low deformation, simple operation and outstanding energy saving effect. It's suitable for manufacturing, installation and maintenance of various machinery and metal structures, cutting thin plates, opening holes, patching, beveling, cutting pipes and other cutting processes. It is widely used in aerial work, outdoor work, indoor and outdoor decoration, shipyard steel plate, petro-chemical equipment, construction site and other industries. The Taurus plasma cutting machines are manufactured in accordance with IEC60974-1,


• Simple-design appearance, portable in size, high reliability and more durable.

• Built-in reliable high-power air compressor, no additional gas source is required, stable gas output after long-term use.

• A dual options of a built-in air compressor and an external air source which can be switched quickly, and may be more
suitable for long-time working environment.

• Reliable cutting machine with overheat, over-current and over-voltage protection functions.

• The arc starting system adopts the principle of high frequency oscillation which is easy to start arc and with
high success rate of arc starting.

• Gas detection can detect whether the gas volume is sufficient before cutting to ensure smooth cutting process.

• Accurate cutting current preset ensures good cutting effect and energy saving effect making it more convenient to
operate and suitable for cutting work-pieces with different thicknesses.

• Due to the IP21S protection grade, this cutting machine works reliably even under harsh environmental conditions.


- Power Supply Voltage: 220V Single Phase

- Duty Cycle @ 40°C: 60%@ 40A

- Open Circuit Voltage: 65V

- Current Range: 20 - 40A

- Max Cutting Thickness (Mild Steel) : 16mm

- Dimensions: 530 x 325 x 400mm - 20.5Kg  

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