Tungsten E3® Electrodes (Universal)

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TIG electrodes E3® (developed by ABICOR BINZEL® – alloy: rare earth) promote best practice for TIG welding – without radioactive doping.

If you want to use the correct tungsten electrode for TIG welding, you have to be familiar with the individual types of electrodes. Some are only suitable for direct current welding, others better for alternating current welding, some generate a very stable arc, others are easier to ignite. With these many differences you have to take a closer look if you are searching the right TIG welding electrode for your welding process. But there is a tungsten electrode that puts all others in the shade: the E3® from ABICOR BINZEL.

For a long time, the red, thoriated tungsten electrodes were the first choice in TIG welding. In some places they are still considered the best solution for welding with direct current of high-alloy and stainless steels. Because of its radioactivity through the doping element thorium, it is now banned in many countries. An excellent replacement with better properties is the tungsten electrode E3® developed by ABICOR BINZEL with a mixture of rare earth oxides as doping elements.

Because environmental and health aspects are becoming more and more important, the E3® electrode is the best choice – for all TIG welding applications. This means that the welder is not exposed to any radioactivity, storage does not have to take place under special protective measures and residual pieces or grinding dust do not fall into the category of hazardous waste. The E3® needle is manufactured in the ABICOR BINZEL production network, complies with the DIN EN ISO 6848 standard and guarantees the highest product quality.

Is the quality of the weld seam just as important to you as the ignition properties and arc stability? If you don't want to lose anything in whatever point, it's best to choose the E3® from ABICOR BINZEL.

For tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), the non-fusing and temperature resistant tungsten electrode, in addition to the torch, the energy source, and the inert gas, are all major factors for obtaining beautiful welds and strong joining results.

E3 Electrode Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent ignition and consistent welding properties
  • Universal and suitable for all applications for DC and AC welding of non-alloyed and high-alloyed steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel, copper, and magnesium alloys
  • Reliable and usable for automated welding
  • Increased current carrying capacity
  • Longer service life than thoriated electrodes

The advantages of E3® are self-evident:

  • Electrode tip remains “cooler” than thoriated types
  • Superior repeatable ignition characteristics
  • Increased arc stability
  • Reduced burn off
  • Higher current carrying capacity
  • Lower degradation to the electrode tip
  • Increased application flexibility

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Tungsten E3® Electrodes (Universal)

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Tungsten E3® Electrodes (Universal)

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Tungsten E3® Electrodes (Universal)